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Michael TUCAK, Independent Candidate

Michael TUCAK is an Independent Candidate in the WA State Election, on Saturday 11 March 2017. He's running for one of six seats in the Upper House (Legislative Council) seat of "North Metropolitan" (north-west Perth metro).

Michael is a creative industries lawyer who wants to make a difference to WA's future. He is not aligned to (or constricted by) any party and he believes a more constructive approach to government policy will lead to a better WA for everyone.

Michael is particularly committed to opportunities for job-creation, transport & public transport, better healthcare, arts & culture, urban planning, renewable energy, education for future jobs, WA's environment, start-ups, and stronger communities.  

Michael is creatively-connected, legally competent and community-minded. His dedication to the community and creativity was recognised last year when Michael was awarded the 2016 Attorney-General's Community Service Law Award.

Michael needs your VOTE to bring an independent voice to the WA parliament for a more "creative, constructive and community" approach to government and policy.


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Michael is a creative industries lawyer at creative|legal, and has over 20 years of legal experience. Having been a board member of RTRFM 92.1WA Music and FringeWorld, he is currently on the boards of the Chamber of Arts and Culture (WA)pvi collective ltd and his local community business association.  He also runs "P.U.L.P. - Pop Up Legal Practice" to bring free legal advice to artists, creatives and non-profits.

Michael grew up in Perth, he is an active ocean-swimmer, cyclist and is still (after 20 years) occasional radio DJ and presenter at RTRFM 92.1.

I’ve always been passionate about Perth and WA, and that we can create a city and state in which we all have access to new opportunities into the future, in a shared, inclusive society that values its natural, human and built environments, and which is well connected to our own unique region around Asia and the Indian Ocean.
— Michael TUCAK

Michael is a passionate live music fan (with mild tinnitus), arts patron and supporter, and believes strongly in community and collaboration. His campaign office is in a CBD co-working space that encourages entrepreneurs and innovators to build start-ups, connect with others, and form a supportive community, of which he is an active member. As a lawyer, Michael works with artists, creatives, producers, and not-for-profit organisations, as well as within film investment and innovation .

As a lawyer, I’m legally experienced, and know how laws made by governments impact on us. The Upper House is where government decisions and laws are reviewed before they take effect. I believe I can use my creative, constructive and community approach in that role to get the best result for WA’s future. It is where a range of strong, independent voices can make a real difference.
— Michael TUCAK

Michael is running in this election to ensure that WA's society and laws are more constructive, proactive and future-looking, and less of the 'old thinking' that is making many people disillusioned with "politics". He is a fresh voice committed to creating new opportunities for us all in WA.

I’m not politically aligned, and I will use this independence to review, improve and constructively shape laws and decisions coming through the ‘upper house’ - and ensure community input and ideas are properly included.
— Michael Tucak

Michael has a strong history of advocacy and leadership, from his schooling at John XXIII College and a law/science degree at the University of WA, and he wants to keep doing so to help build a strong, positive future for WA .

I don’t see this as ‘politics’, I see it as being a ‘representative’ for the people who elect me.
— Michael TUCAK

MICHAEL's platform

Michael believes in a creative, constructive
 approach to decision-making and government policy, with proper community input and focus.

"We need to be more creative and constructive in how we make our decisions, and look for where there are new opportunities for WA's future, going beyond traditional 'us versus them' styles of thinking."

"By 'creative', I don't just mean 'arts' creativity, but literally 'create' - looking at each problem as a way to find new solutions to build our shared future.

"We should be more 'constructive': listening to each other and seeking to find, or create, ways to include other points of view - not just to reach a compromise, but to together uncover new ways to overcome differences and create new opportunities

"We also need to involve community more directly in decision-making, by properly engaging with ideas and input out across our society, rather than just thinking government has all the answers. Government is there to make the final decision."

My goal in using this approach is to get a better result for WA.



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"Whoever wins power in the lower house in this State election, I will 'keep the b***ards creative'!"

- Michael TUCAK

Michael TUCAK, Independent Candidate, North Metro

Michael TUCAK, Independent Candidate, North Metro