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Michael is a candidate in the Upper House seat of 'North Metropolitan', which is the entire north-west of the Perth metropolitan area. Visit the Election Boundaries WA site to see which is your Upper House' electorate, and whether you can vote for Michael TUCAK on 11 March 2017. The map to the right shows "at a glance" the areas included in 'North Metro'. Or, contact us and we can help you find out.

Michael TUCAK's "How To Vote" card is now available for download.

There are 3 important things to know if you want to vote for Michael:

1. Michael is only offering "Below the Line" voting, for the reasons set out in his video, so he is asking you to consider your "preferences" for where your vote goes, if Michael is not successful. Five Perth creative talents have explained how this empowers YOU in this related video.

For example, after you put a "1" for Michael "below the line", your next choice may be a major, so number those other candidates "2 onward" in the order you like. Then, go through all other candidates, putting those you least want to get in at the bottom of your list. If you do this, which will only take you 4 to 5 minutes, your vote will go exactly as you want it to, and not in the order those parties say it goes, which is out of your hands. A "Below the Line" is the most effective way to make your Upper House vote count. If you vote "1" for Michael and is unsuccessful, you haven't "wasted a vote", as it will go to your next choice, or your next if that person is also unsuccessful, and so-on. #TUCAKbelowtheline !

Michael TUCAK is only offering "Below The Line" voting, to ensure YOUR vote goes where YOU want it to go.

Michael TUCAK is only offering "Below The Line" voting, to ensure YOUR vote goes where YOU want it to go.

2. Michael is in the "Upper House", which is separate from the "Lower House" where the many well known "government" politicians are. His is the longer ballot paper, and in "North Metro" it will be coloured pink or maroon. So, you get a vote for your local "lower house" candidate on the shorter white paper, and ALSO vote for Michael in the Upper House - so you don't have to choose between them and Michael, #WhyNotBoth

3. There are 6 available seats to be elected in the "North Metro" seat, so it means the major parties will most likely each end up with 2 already - so, a vote for Michael is not "instead of" one of the major parties, it is "in addition to" and will add a 'constructive, creative, community' voice to Parliament, alongside those others. That means that if you might have otherwise voted Labor or Liberal, if you put Michael "1" Below the Line, and then your preferred of other parties "2" onwards, your vote goes to (say) Liberal or Labor (as you choose) anyway if Michael is not elected - so a "1" for Michael first means you still support your other party next.

Find your

local electorate

North Metropolitan is the entire north west of Perth metro area, as shown 'green' on this map. Find your local area electorate on this map, or visit the Electorate Finder. See where Michael has visited across his electorate in the 10 clips below.



'North Metro' is the larger PINK ballot paper, the longer of the two you will receive at a polling place.

Michael is third from the right - in the last "fold" of the paper and "below the line", listed as follows:

              TUCAK, Michael



Michael has published his "How To Vote" cards for Sat 11 March. This is actually a "How To Vote" (not a "Who To Vote For") as it explains why and how to do a "Below the Line" vote, and make sure your vote counts


Would you like to help hand out 'How To Votes' on Saturday 11th?

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